Monday, January 19, 2015

Dad and Pete at Ocala once again

In the late afternoon we went up to Ocala for some poker.  We sat down at 4 PM and in about 5 hands Peter had lost over $100.  It looked like a grand beat up day.  The players were very good and he seemed off his game.
We played a while longer with no improvement, so I suggested we go have some supper at the Iron Skillet and then come back, hoping the table selection would change.
And that worked just fine. 
Most likely our going broke that table.  I could see some of the players scattered around the room when I got back, but it did not look like we would be playing short tables again. 
Peter and I got seats on different tables and then he was able to move to mine and again sit right next to me, on my right.  This works for us.  When he raises I know that he probably has high cards and I might call him with middle cards and so we have plenty of hands covered. 
He was back on his game, an aggressive game where he was often the guy betting.  So, he would get called, even by people with very poor hands in situations where I might have the best cards but no callers. 
That does not mean he plays everything.  There were long periods where we both just tossed hands and played our blinds, but in this 1-1 we can play more sorts of hands.
He was on the board for a possible $500 win twice, but each time he was beaten.
However, we had a grand run, playing until midnight when the last high hand was over.  He left up $87.  I was up $29.  So, it was a fine time.  For Peter, who rarely has even a few dollars in his pocket, to leave with over $200 from this week of fun is just a fine situation.
I rolled in at 1:30 and went immediately to sleep

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