Sunday, January 11, 2015

Ocala Two

I went up for the 1000 high hand bonus, but I won't again.
I did not mind waiting in line, but what it got me was a seat with a bunch of regular and tight players so pots were very slim.  They are there just to play for the 1000.  They don't want action.  At $5 Ocala takes $1, at $10 they take $2 and the bonus rake.  There is no way to overcome that rake.  I watched a woman win hand after hand and then looked at her chip stack.  It was not impressive.

It took me a while to get to another table, but there I found some action so I'd get paid if I had good cards.
I lost anyway.

So, I felt beat up most of the day.

When the table got down to just 6 or 7 at 5 PM I was ready to go, but the high hands were paying out on much smaller hands, even some Aces full.  And there always seemed to be one lose player at the table, so I stayed.

A fellow came who told us he was very annoyed and it would all be about raising.  He sat to my left. 

I got 3-3 with a 3 on the flop.
I checked and he bet $15 and the next guy raised. He was betting his K-Q, pair of kings on the flop.

So I reraised.  Raiser to my right did not stay, but the K-Q called me.
It was a K on the river, so he thought he was golden and went all-in. 
After I beat him I left up $8 for the day.

I had bought in for $200 over time.  This is a large amount in a game where $60 is the maximum buy in.  I did not expect to break even.
I wish I felt happier.  I just was beat up over so long that I left with that feeling.

Also, I had been up a 3 AM so I was exhausted.  That did not help.
The driving was a bit tougher at that time of day, but it still is easy enough.

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