Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Gregg's game

It was another grand day at Gregg's poker room, photographic gallery, eclectic musical concert hall and tomato plant greenhouse.
Great attendance.  A full poker table:   Dewey, Peter, Gregg, Jim, Ann, John, Charlie, Bill, Ezzy.

It was fine to see John and Ann back in the poker game again.  They seemed to enjoy the day.  We certainly enjoyed having them.

Once again Peter proved the master of the river and before the end of the day, on just two buy-ins, he had assembled a vast majority of the chips in play. 

 Check the differences in our chip stacks.
He collected $152 in profit.  Dewey lost $30 and all to Peter.  Gregg lost enough to quit before the game ended.  Most folks lost this week. 

Ezzy had the high hand, quad eights until just ten minutes before the competition ended, when Jim ruthlessly popped up four queens to capture the $16 award.  There were more quads in this game than I have ever seen before.
NO one seemed to have pocket Aces, however, either  as winning cards or as busted Aces.

We gave back that busted Aces award dough. (Ezzy, remember I owe you a dollar)

Along with the poker was some good conversation on the coming of casinos, on the new high hand awards at Mohegan on certain days when such a promotion attracted long  lines of people waiting for seats, (I felt really pleased to have all winter to play such 1-1 games at Ocala, Florida and always able to get a seat,) There were  on building inspections and smoke alarms.  Rumors also said that Turning Stone was considering a 1-1 NL game.   That might attract me back.
There was talk of the horses once again and some stories including Jim's story of being there when a fan ran on the field and started punching a horse and jockey.

Although folks want a run down of hands, as usual  I left without much of that detail.  I do know that deuces were often on the flop and sevens were a constant card coming in trips.  I remember taking one hand against the odds when my Ace of diamonds made runner-runner flush.  Multiple times two pair were on the board.  Once Charlie took me out with the higher full house with two pair on the board.  Once I took Ann out with an eight when she had a seven with eights and sevens on the board.
Peter beat Bill from way behind when he pulled a Jack on the river to make a flush in an all-in hand. 
Peter took me way down on a hand where I held two pair and the river gave him a flush.
I remember Ann lost a pot to me when she chased a straight flush and did not catch.  That would have taught Jim a lesson. 
No royals like mine from last week. 
There were plenty of split hands due to identical hold cards.  Peter and I had at least three. 

Perhaps others can remember some of the hands that made them winners or hands lost by small bits or unlucky rivers that turned the odds.

Charlie brought a trunk load of tomato plants and just gave them away.  Perfect for me, as I had space in my planter.  Gregg took a bunch. 
Gregg gave a tour of his Chinese photos.  Our museum. 

Jim did another wonderful collage of sounds with a focus on blues, but a spattering of Donna Summers and other odd bits. He had the information as always to answer any questions and tell stories of the performers.

Gregg brought some tinned cookies.  Fancy stuff.

I shared that Southwest has a flight sale right now.  It may end tomorrow.  Elizabeth and I rebooked our upcoming flights and saved about $200 this morning.  That was a very good game of plane "poker"
for us. 
I brought along a dozen new card protectors and played with different ones at different times and lent some around.  I guess the table favorite was my wine glass base topped with an old rapella fishing lure.  We boys have to play toys sometimes.

The mirage in Vegas is up and running, but reports are not too ecstatic.  Basically, they made it into a smaller space.   There are some photos in this thread.

Folks did not seem too disappointed, but to me it just seemed part of the trend to downsize poker or eliminate it altogether.
By the way, the most frugal poker is on electronic machines at the Plaza.  They are still running cheap tournaments there.  You can't win much, but you can have the fun of playing for a couple hours on just $15.  Any time spent in Vegas beyond the in and out visit threatens the bankroll, so it is a grand game for stretching gambling dollars.

We quit at five thirty and I'd like to thank Gregg for letting us play that long.  For one thing, after Peter and I had our supper at the Dragon Buffet, the rush hour traffic was over and the ride across the construction on the bridge was much easier. 

See many of you next week.

PS from Ezzy
Don't forget the one in a million chance of a card attached to my body! Ann is dealing and my card flies off the table and the card sticks in my belt buckle face down! Jim looks down and cracks up as he plucks the card out. I say I wish I took a picture of that and Bill replies," you are always taking pictures down there!" LOL

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