Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gregg's Game I got sick

Poker players at Gregg's games.

Or perhaps it was something I ate earlier.
For the entire game, this migraine built a pot in my brain.
By the time I left, I was sweating and very, very uncomfortable.
Peter drove to his house.
I drove from there.
I got as far as Burden Lake road before my stomach decided to go all-in. I was happy not to have "pushed" earlier, say in heavy traffic.
I won $42 at poker and after I pay for the van to be detailed, I'll only be down about $100.  Not bad.

Elizabeth certainly enjoyed taking the hose to the van  interior, filling the washing machine with my clothes, fixing hot towels for my head.
She was very sweet about it.
It was the only bit of sweetness in my afternoon and evening.
I slept.
I still have a bit of a headache, but it is passing.
I haven't checked yet, but I'm betting that I lowered my blood sugar today.

The game was sparsely attended:   Charlie, Gregg, Dewey, Peter, Ezzy with only four of us in the last hour.
Charlie splashed the pot with pepper and basil plants.  Thanks, Charlie.  Charlie banked and brought music and was kind enough to give me a bit of quiet for my headache during the last half hour of the game.

I suggested that we extend the high hand award until 4:30 this week.  At the time I was the high hand with some weak jack high flush.  Peter hit a fine full house, but at 4:25 I hit Jacks full of sevens, calling Peter's bluff off bet and taking the $10 high hand award.  As a result, Peter ended down $4.

Gregg just gave away money all afternoon again and was a good sport about it. 
Ezzy did well, but I don't know if he showed a profit.
Charlie showed a profit and better yet his banking came out right to the quarter.

There was no new museum art up as promised   There were some arches of white flowing fabric.
"Are we going to have a dance?" Charlie asked.

Gregg is thinking of getting a pole dancer for the next game.

I had great cards, but I can't remember sh$$t .
Vomit I can remember, but not sh$$t

Except flopping broadway to Peter's flopped lower straight from the nine.

See more of you next week, I hope.  Just now I'm going back to bed.


I like this site for 1-2 and maybe 1-1 information.  Most poker books and information just don't stay with me, but some of the simplistic arguments here make sense.  They probably don't fit Gregg's game.  The most surprising was the advice not to play K-J  Q- 10 and I'm thinking about it.

Meanwhile kid Frank sent me for Father's Day a great book on poker.  I reviewed it here

Atlantic City (Revel) sent me two free nights in June, but it took me all this month to decide to book it for the end of June and they are all sold out.  It was through Mohegan Sun somehow.  Probably good for me just to hang by the water and fish, saving bankroll for the real trips.

After almost depleting MyVegas points when I bought the Station rooms, I am back to 188,000 which is more than enough for some free food or perhaps a show ticket if Elizabeth wants to see one in September or October.  I will stay in November at Excalibur for a week, so I can eat at Aria three times if I want.  To use the freebies at Mlife casinos, I have to be staying at one of them.
I only play for less than 20 minutes every week or so, starting at a point where a new game starts and ending at a point where I know they will begin to bleed away my playing chips.  However, everytime I'm on computer I collect chips and spin for chips once a day so that I can start my 20 minute sessions well bankrolled with a million or two playing chips.
My next trip I have 3 nights totally free at Palace Station and one at Exalibur and in November 2 nights at Red Rock and one at Excalibur.  Station casinos use a lot of chips, but cover the resort fees as well.  Excalibur was $22 for resort fee but it has gone up to $28.  ridiculous really.

Going just once a year, the chips that can be redeemed will build up nicely for me. 

Here is an interesting thread based on a guy who went to Vegas and was very disappointed.  The comments afterward give some good retorts to his sour experience.

The forum itself is great for Vegas discussion and information with the boards divided by topic for ease in skimming.  Folks who post generally know what they are talking about and interpersonal abuse is just not tolerated by the Board Moderator and so very rare and short lived

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