Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Gregg's game reviewed

It was a very sparse group at Greg's this week.  Only four of us.  Jim returned. 
I was up and down and ended up $27 ahead.
Jim made a few dollars even with some banking troubles
Greg won some money this week.  Did very well on just one buy-in
Peter was the big loser.  $94 down.

I felt comfortable going all in with J-J, only Jim had Q-Q  and Greg had K-K.  Nothing developed and Greg took a very good pot.
Greg got me again when I went all in after the turn.  I had flopped a Q high heart flush.  Greg had flopped the K high flush. 
Greg took the high hand with Aces full of Jack's and it held up.  I took a nice pot from Jim with Aces full of 10's when he had Broadway.  He called a healthy bet, putting me on a bluff.  
I won the last hand with 2-3 offsuit.  My pair of 3's held up.  Small winnings, but fine way to end the day.

New art was up.  Very interesting.  You must come and see it.
NO  pole dancer this week.

The music was very nice, interesting and low key.  Jim had background on the groups as always.

We missed the rest of you .  Four is not my favorite game. 


This fellow entered the wrong tournament and did not know it until the first 5 cards were dealt.  However, in the end he won.

Those of you wondering about Phil.  Here is a Father's Day photo.  Hi, Phil.  Come play with us.    Bring the youngster.

I like the Bravo Poker phone app, but it is not accurate.  It says it is 107 miles to Turning Stone from my house.  Goggle says 125 miles.  It ways 108 miles to Mohegan Sun.  Goggle says 147. 
Still, I was surprised how the trip is really a toss up.  I like Mohegan so much better and it is just 22 miles farther.  It always feels longer, especially going home, but I think my mind considers Albany my destination and from Turning Stone Albany merely gets me off the super highways for another 30 minutes.
Now I am wondering if I can trust the Bravo Poker numbers on tables currently playing and waiting lists.  I hope it is accurate for Vegas games.


The more I think about getting this settled, the better I feel.  My trip starts with a 40th birthday party for my son and so a meetup of 5 sons and assorted friends.   That will go just three days with everyone and then my wife, who rarely joins me, will stay out the week.  We cash booked the Gold Coast for all that time. The heated pool is a draw.  Inexpensive food as well.  We may have a car for some of it as the boys are planning a family trip out to Red Rock Canyon. 
I often book the Gold Coast for the days of the trip I won't gamble.  Prices are good.  And in spite of not gambling there, they often toss me a couple free nights in an outreach mailer.  And at least one buffet there is free, the ACG coupon with 250 points earned.
This week a mailing from the Gold Coast saved me $150 by cutting the weekend price in half.  Nice.  Especially since I give them practically no action.

I then have two freebies at the Orleans, over a Young at Heart Day, so I'll eat there for free and get a good taste of my favorite Nite Kings in the lounge.  The Young at Heart promos are now extended into the evening, and that will give more flexibility to my day, especially if I get a good multiplier on the swipe promo or win so I can keep playing.  There I just play the triple nickel progressives.  Good fun and not very expensive,  just 75 cents a pull.  9/7 DB is enhanced by the Royal progressives for each line and a huge one were I to get a dealt royal.

Then I do the Excalibur for one day and use up MyVegas points at the Aria buffet, so those meals will be free.

Then I stay at a  B and B on a small street just off Maryland near Flamingo. This will give me a chance to do laundry, relax if I want with no casinos.  Walk down to a local inexpensive show at the Onyx Theater.  Relax in a Jacuzzi.  I get a room with a private bath for $50 a night and so cover the expense of a weekend with no gambling.  This is a new experience for me.

I'll probably head up to Sam's Town for the afternoon free show and then over to Eastside Cannery for a free buffet and wine.  I may play poker in either place.   I probably will give the full pay nickel Deuces a run if there is a seat.  I understand they reduced them to just two machines.
Then Palace Station where I can do a buffet a day on MyVegas points and seed my play in dimes to see if that will generate any mailings or not.
Then Two nights at the D on a 2 for 1 rates, but higher than in the past because of the Life is Beautiful and the new policy of charging resort fee on the one paid night.  Coupons usually come with the rooms there and they get me a light free breakfast.  8/5 progressive Bonus will be the draw there with Golden Nugget live poker after 2 AM when the high hand awards double.
Poker vouchers with 4 hours of play  get me a cheap Golden Nugget buffet.
And finally 4 nights at the 4 Queens at casino rate, but with one night already paid by comp dollars from the last trip and a second probably can be reached by a mailer, in spite of the weekend being that Life is Beautiful festival.
This was not expected to be a frugal trip, especially with the rather pricey Gold Coast booking.  But now all the planning does seem to have generated a very affordable trip.
Now if I can just win when I gamble.


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