Thursday, July 9, 2015

Greg's game

Another sparse showing of just four of us, but a good bit of action nonetheless.  I can't talk anyone into playing Pineapple to increase the action a bit. 
But it sure was fun this week.
I ended up with most of the profit after five buy-ins, all depleted by all-in scenarios. 
I never had a full house or better all afternoon, but I managed to do well anyway.  I beat Peter on his huge 40 chip bluff with just my Queen and got out of two other similar situations when he held full houses. 
Perhaps I am getting that Malcome Gladwell Blink sense of things.
Or perhaps I just got lucky.

Greg ended down with some comeback.  Peter made $7.  Jim broke about even.
 While the poker was great, it was like playing in an old folks home.  My back cramped and spasmed all day.  I even had Peter drive as much as I could.  So I used the vidow viper gizmo and refused to reach.  Both Greg and Jim had different sorts of dizziness problems with Jim wondering if he could drive home, but then thinking he could and making it.  Good none of us were drinking.

Jim's music was actually the best from my perspective.  He had 17 hours of stuffed that shuffled and most of it clicked on very old emotional memories of mine from early adolescence making me remember my days at Lime Lake and girls I loved in 8th grade.  Amazing, really.  And then Ray Charles, Sinatra, or some delightful but unknown singer would pop up.  My kinda music.  He may play that again next week.

Greg's new art is very nice.  Scenes mostly and very pleasant.  And we played until 6 PM which is my vote although I was getting mighty hungry.  It meant that my drive home even with all the damned construction on the bridge and closed roads to avoid was very easy and well after the rush hour. 

Peter won the cracked Aces and Jim had them afterwards at least twice, winning with them.  I think Greg had them as well.  Looking at my cards I would always look for them, thinking, "Yeah, they are those cards with the symbol that seems like a little A frame house, right?"  The few times I got them they avoided being twins, opting more to the principle that opposites attract.

Still I won $60.

Jim hit the high hand which ended at 4 again. Early on he had Aces full of 2's and it held up.  Had we gone with the bonus until 6 Greg would have gotten it with his pocket tens that flopped trips.  I had K-J of clubs and we went all-in.
"I just need a club, Greg."
Then up popped the case ten and Greg smiled and smiled.
Otherwise I'd have won $86 dollars.

Lots of good talk.  I mentioned this NPR report on "upspeak" which was really a report on "Do I Sound Gay?"  (  but featured this speech pathologist and she mentioned this voice pattern.

Gregg had us illustrate. He wondered if he was doing that when he bet with a question.  I don't really think so.  There it is really a question.  Will you call this?  Can I win with this?

Here is true upspeak.  Traditionally, it was  connected with young women

So few variations in English actually annoy me, but these do.  

As usual, our poker games are part poker and part university class.  And part sports, but not this week because none of the Delmar boys attended.  And a good part gardening, but not this week because Charley was off cultivating better friends.

Sorry I can't remember more hands.  There were some exciting rivers.  Even without a switch to Pineapple, we seem to create action at the small games.  It is not shuffle, collect three chips, and then shuffle again.

But then we don't have Greg, who goes all in on 6-2 against Peter.  And on the flop comes a 6 and then a 2.

At least this did not happen

Peter and I went to TJ's near Peter's house on Central.  He had garlic chicken wings and I tried the prime rib.  We like it there.  Anyone wanting to talk down the game and join us feel invited and well welcomed. They are very accommodating.  It is a popular place.

Well, perhaps next week we'll see some of you again.


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Dewey said...

this comment from Greg:

Like, let's play poker, like next Wednesday? and like I'll raise four? for my first bet. Don't you wanna like join us? (creaky voice).

To begin yesterday I replayed the JJ (Dewey); QQ (Jim); KK (Gregg) hand from last week and a Jack hit on the river. And, that's kinda like the day went. Dewey was so hot he started to "pray" for me -- and that's when the fourth 10 hit for me on the turn.