Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Greg's Game

Greg missed my summary of last week, but my memory missed it as well.
So, I'll just write up today.
Players were Robin, Ezzy, Peter, Gregg and it was a fine game with perhaps less action than other weeks, but fun.  We had some good talk as well and I enjoyed that part.  I like some talk and some friendly banter. 
It was grand to see Robin.  For me that happens not often enough.  I think we met in 1965, so we've been friends for 50 years although as you probably have noticed, he is a good bit older than I am.  He left early to go up to see the Saratoga horses run.  Hope he caught some fast runners.  Maybe he ran into Wild Bill.

Peter was off his game or not in the luck of the day.  Once again he lost $46 dollars.  I took the most of the money so that by the end of the day I was up $45, but figuring in Peter's stakes, only up one dollar.
Ezzy took the Aces cracked and the high hand with kings full of nines beating out a king high straight that Greg took half way through the afternoon. 
For music Jim left us some fine CD's with easy listening and they worked just great.
I think Robin lost a little bit, but not much.
Greg lost.  But he did play one hand with great flourish, betting a full 20 when he had the nuts on the river and getting called by Peter.
I was lucky to twice on the river catch an inside draw to the wheel straight.  I also had trip tens a couple times.  I had pocket kings that lost and then had them again and they lost, by my pocket queens held up again Peter when I flopped a set and slow played them.  Peter bet into the slow play because he had pocket Aces.  So they were cracked but after the time when the bonus money was still in the pot.

Oh,  I'm sorry.  There are not "cracked Aces" at Greg's games now.  If you lose with pocket Aces, your Aces were cocked.  "Cocked Aces" is the correct term.

We cashed in and started fresh for the second session, the pineapple part of the day, Peter won back $27.  So he made some pocket money.

We missed many of you.  It was a hot, hot day but very comfortable in the poker room.  I guess we expected that more of you would show up to escape the heat.  Why hunker down in your own pad watching Turner Classic Movies when you could be in the action?  Consider coming back and bringing a friend.

There was new art in the room, a product of one of those painting classes we wrote about. 
Also, Greg is trying for a Friday night game.  Interested?  Contact him for details.

Sunday at the last minute I bought a Yankee Trail ticket to Turning Stone and who do you think hopped on the bus? 
That ole Son of a Gun!!

 So, we caught up and had a good time telling stories and catching up until his study of German lured him away from conversation.

One good old German proverb applies often to the game of poker
Die dümmsten Bauern ernten die dicksten Kartoffeln.
You can use it in Munich if you can find a game, but I fear
Es gibt keine Poker Spiele in München.

He told me about the Crazy Pineapple tournament and it was great fun, but I was eliminated very quickly.  The Pineapple we sometimes play at Greg's does not change the game much, but in Crazy Pineapple the third card is discarded after the flop.  Twice I split up pocket Aces because the flop gave me trips on the other card.  Slink played a long while but he did not cash.  I thought the competition was very hard and I also thought that the 1-2 tables were easier because the better players were in the tournament.

I played the rest of the day at 1-2 tables and felt very comfortable.  I'll do that again.  I sat at a 2-4 but it was terrible.  Just 5 old rocks.  We all broke the table and turned it into a 1-2 game. 

Slink and I had a nice buffet and he told more of his gambling adventures.  He plays some blackjack and some table game Texas Hold em.  I watched him play that for a while and it was good fun. 
Both of us took the $25 we got as part of the bus package and got our money back or better.  He ran his through the blackjack.  I played a double double bonus poker.

I also ran into a former student on the bus.  That was fun.  In the end I lost money, but I think I will go again sometime. 

I will have an updated "resort and other fee article" in the 2016 edition of American Casino Guide and I was also asked if I'd like to do a video about resort fees.  Then I got a note from Jean Scott, famous for her books on Frugal gambling.   She asked me to help her with her next book and I sent in some suggestions and information and thanked me when I did.  That was pretty awesome for me!!
She really inspired my frugal approach to Vegas and introduced me to video poker, the only machine game that is sometimes in the player's favor.

Some of you were asking about the Riviera.  Well, today the die is cast.  It will get blown up and as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Ron is off to Maine for his vacation with Laura and Minte.  He will get some much cooler weather and some wilderness and some sea air. 

Now, catch this.  Sometimes law just gets too nuts about card games.  This is really ridiculous.

Seniors who play Euchre


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