Thursday, July 16, 2015

Greg's game

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Greg's game

Well, the Hill boys rocked this week.  Peter took $42 and Dewey took $69.   That was most of the profit from the table.  Ezzy left with some, I think.  I know he left with both bonus pays, the high hand and the cracked Aces.  He had the high hand on the second dealt hand, quad Aces with king kicker.   

Gregg started off with huge wins and had almost three trays, much of it won on all-in hands.  One of those was my loss. 
He was happy................
for a while. 

 Gradually, his early and substantial lead  was ground down. 
I helped with luck on the turn one hand and on the river another.  Both of them took my pocket sevens and made them into winners.  Once the turn gave me trips and another time the river gave me a full house.  It was a hard to put me on these cards, so I got plenty of callers.

 I made three buy-ins before my luck took off.  Peter made two.
I'd say my wins had more to do with luck than skill.
Peter's still often have to do with aggression at the right time. 

Certainly, my taking Peter down on the river was all luck against the odds. 
We were all-in.  Peter had trips.  I needed a Jack for an inside straight.  I called for it, and it came.

Gail Gregory joined us this week and livened up this circle of old men (and Peter) with banter and story.  She seemed to take quite a few pots in the beginning, always because she had a respectable kicker.  But in the end her bankroll drained away.

Add in hands that stick in your minds, please.  I mostly remember the ones that affected my bankroll and not even all of those.

Jim played the music mix we liked last week and will again next week since we have not heard but only a fraction of the whole mix.  There was a good bit of music trivia discussion again this week.  Gail added to much of that, hearing in the mix many songs she knew and remembered, and perhaps a few she hated.

The art is still up.  There are some opportunies to learn from this particular artist.  Talk to Greg about those if you are interested.  Her art was praised at the game.
I'm not sure what happens to me next week.  I'll try to get there and the odds are good, but I have to have my car serviced that morning by the dealer.  Who knows what that may entail.  I go in early in the morning, so perhaps there is a chance I'll be done.  Or if I have to leave it overnight, perhaps Pete and I will take the Central Ave. bus and walk from that 155 corner.  If Elizabeth will pick me up at the end of the game.
It will all be last minute planning.

We discussed "The Day the Music Died" and no on could remember the fellow who was saved because he gave up his seat.  Someone said Bob Dylan, but this made little sense to me.  Waylon Jennings is the correct answer.  Interesting is that the whole crash is being investigated again as to its cause.  It may not have been pilot error after all

Since he has not come to tell any jokes, I thought I'd include one of Bill's latest jokes.
         Mickey O'Flynn worked in an
Irish pickle factory. For many years he had a powerful
desire to put his penis in the pickle
slicer.  Unable to stand it any longer, he
sought professional help from the factory psychologist.
After six months, the therapist gave up.   He advised Mickey to go ahead and
do it or he would probably never have any peace of
mind.  The next day he came home from
work very early. His wife, Mary, became alarmed and wanted
to know what had happened.
Mickey tearfully confessed his
tormenting desire to put his penis in the pickle
slicer. He went on to explain that today
he finally went ahead and did it, and he was immediately
fired.   Mary gasped and ran over to her
husband. She quickly yanked down his pants and shorts only
to find a normal, completely intact penis.
She looked up and said, "I
don't understand. What about the pickle
slicer?"     Mickey replied, "I think she
got fired too."

Which reminds me of this helpful technique I recently discovered:

Have a good week. 

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