Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Foxwoods and Mohegan Sun

I've been caring for Elizabeth as she recovers from a knee replacement.  She is pretty independent now, but not yet able to drive. 
Son Dana came up last weekend to give me an overnight break, and I went off to gamble in Connecticut.
Prices for hotels were very high.  Even Groton wanted over $100 for the night I had to book.  I ended up for $68 (taxes and everything) in Wethersfield, 46 minutes from Mohegan Sun. 
It seems like a long drive, but I really enjoyed it, even at one in the morning.  The road was deserted and cut through forest, so there was not a lot of merging.  I could plug in a bit of old radio classics and the time just zipped by.

I started my day at Foxwoods on a wonderful 4-8 table.  I never was below my buy in.  I went up, went down to almost even and then went up again to $172 profit. 
All the folks were pretty easy to play against. 
One NL player joined us and whined and complained and even strutted a bit while he whined.  He played an aggressive game, betting on almost nothing.  The only time he beat me was when he caught an Ace on the river that topped my kings.  One other time he did not bet on the river.  I had waited for him because I had Jacks full.  Probably there was no way to make any money on the street.
I hated him.
I told him that he was too much like Donald Trump.
He played with his tongue in his cheek and blamed the dealer when his pocket queens did not win against a flopped Ace, leaving his chair and yelling at her as he strutted about.  What an idiot!
He was a real braggart and a poor player.

The rest of the fellows were fine.  I was perhaps too talkative for them, but they respected my play.  I was very comfortable.  A regular named Bob was there, an old guy who is friendly by not talkative.

I left and drove to Wethersfield and checked in my room.  I was upgraded actually to a room on the first floor for no extra charge.  Full refrigerator, large king bed, microwave, but a grainy TV and no coffee maker.  Directly across the street was a Hooter's, but I had enough food with me for the first day, along with a tuna sub I brought and ate at Foxwoods.

Then I went to Mohegan to play the 1-1.  It was a great disappointment.  It took me a long while to get a seat, and then I hated the table.  They were all good players and not the sort of easy players a 1-1 will often attract.  I left soon after down a few dollars. 

I spent the rest of the night getting drained at a 2-4.  it was a fine game.  I just did not get winning cards.  Finally, I left, having played away almost all my profit.

I played a nice 9/6 JOB in the Hall of Tribes, losing $25 for a grand trip loss of $21.  Four rums balanced out those losses.  However, I would have liked to come out ahead.

Foxwoods had not had a high hand every half hour promotion.  Perhaps that explains the easier players there.  The regular rocks would probably be attracted to Mohegan where that promotion was offered and that would explain the crowds and the better players at the 1-1.  It is hard to know sometimes whether to chase promotions in poker or avoid them.

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