Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Gregg's Game

Today was the first poker game since Gregg died. 
He wanted the game to continue. 
We did.  We drank a toast of expensive scotch to his memory and talked to him often as we played.
Jim brought the scotch.  Oban

If he is in a place where he can listen, I'm certain he was amused.
Two beautiful sprays of flowers were in the room from the funeral.  Otherwise, it seemed the same.  The art was still on the walls. 
So sad.
Players were:  Ezzy, Pat, Gail, Greg Gorka, Jim, Peter, Charlie, and me.

It was the first time that Gail and Pat had played together.   Gregg Millet would have liked that.

I lost $25.  Peter bought in for $70 and then started to hit.  One huge all-in with Greg Gorka transferred a bunch of chips.  Gorka's KK lost to Peter's drawn straight on the river, and also I doubled up by drawing to a flush on the river.  It was the biggest hand of the day.

Peter ended with a $91 profit.

We started to talk about a Memorial game, but made no solid plans as yet.

Plenty of talk about Vegas.  I'll have to send out some information.

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Dewey said...

To the group in email
There was some talk of resort fees in Las Vegas.

Here is a well updated chart of the current fees, of the amenities, etc.

Here is a good explanation of the Mlife parking fees now in effect

Here are two discussion boards worth visiting and joining (free). They are well monitored, have some very friendly regular posters, and don't allow spam or any insulting stuff.

The moderator of the board below has also written a pretty nice overview of Laughlin on another interesting Vegas site.

Great game. Thanks. Thanks especially to Jim for the scotch. It hit the spot and soothed the sadness