Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Foxwoods May 20

Bill and I went up to Foxwoods on the Yankee Trails bus. I lost again in both the morning 2-4 and the afternoon 4-8 sessions. I played badly a few times, but most of the loss was just getting drained with cards I bet and folded.

In fact, two bad bets won me pots. In one I caught a straight, but failed to notice that it also created a spade flush. I bet and was raised. I groaned and called. The fellow thought he had a flush, but he had only one spade. Lucky. Then I stole one pot when I bet against one opponent but only had J-Q overcards. He tossed away two little pair. he turned them up. Luckily, I just asked if it were a fold. I think he was hoping to see what I had and then bet with them up if he had me beat. With no money coming, the dealer mucked his cards. He pushed me about whether I had him beat, but I stepped around the question, claiming that I was confused by his unorthodox fold.
This is the technigue that the brush used at the Palms and there I was beat and just folded when I saw that I was beat. But the brush did not want another bet. I should have bet from the beat position to see if I could force him out.

I had trip kings and was beat by a full house by a fellow who flopped trip sixes and slow played them with a raise on the river.

I had trip jacks and was raised on the turn. I reraised because I had the ace kicker. My opponent did not raise again so I figured he had no full house. The river was a 7. I bet and he reraised. My opponent had beat me with J-7 offsuit.

I was dealt only one pocket pair all afternoon. Just one: Pocket kings in the big blind. Everyone folded and the small blind asked to chop. That also was the only chop all afternoon at that table.

Well, the damages equaled $214, a huge single day loss for limit poker. This brings my lifetime average loss up higher than it has been since the great Turning Stone $278 win on March 18. Roughly, I am at break even for April/May.

I hope the Tampa poker goes better in June.

Bill did well because he went up to the craps table and the shooter hit a fine run. He left ahead.

Except for the losses, it was a fine day. Foxwoods is just a better room than Turning Stone. They now have a bad beat, but it is just $1500 and they fund it with no rake. The tables were always filled. In the morning the 2-4 was the tightest game I've seen there in all my visits and the pots were very small. We should have left and looked for another table. My afternoon table 4-8 was perfect. I even managed to grab a seat to the right of one of two habitual raisers and the left of another, so I had good position. Just bad cards. I played well in the afternoon.

Foxwoods also gives a jacket for a royal. I remembered the turkey hunter at Turning Stone talking the guy in to a hat that happened to be there because of the East Coast Tournament Players.

And they give me some free Myer's rum.

Turning Stone mails me only advertisement. Foxwoods sent me 10 free player's points in the mail for each week in May. With those I will have enough for a free bus voucher after my next visit.

Also, the bus bonus is better at Foxwoods. I hit the keno for $5. I bet Bill I would beat him on that and I did. So he had to leave the buffet tip. That buffet tip bet was the best bet I made all day.

The buffet included duck. It was not done in the way I best like, so that things are crispy, but it was good nonetheless as was the deep fried cod.

And Bill as always was a fine companion. The bus was only 2/3 filled and I sat next to him for some good stories, and then moved to my own open seat for a bit of a nap or for the movie on the way back. The American President.
I have certainly seen it before, but I forget them almost as soon as I see them. It set up many of the characters as well as the paced chatter for the show West Wing.

Across the aisle was Beverly Jones who I taught in 7-8 grade at Livingston many years ago. We had a fine visit. She remembered me and Jerry and many of the teachers. She said she is an auditor now for the state now and the English I taught helps her in her job. it was a kind thing to say. She married a Goodbee. I also taught some of his family.

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