Monday, May 12, 2008

Turning Stone May 8

I stayed overnight at the Inn for the poker rate of $55 which is very good. Elizabeth took me up on her way to Rochester and my old Buffalo buddy Gary and family picked me up on his way to visit me the following day. We ate a buffet before heading out and I showed them the casino.
Early in the morning I had a fine hour long swim in the pool. I do like that.

However, I did not win. In fact, I lost the $267 right to the dollar that I had won earlier in the week at Turning Stone with Bill and Slink and at Greg's game. I played the higher level limit game 5-10, and just had too many second best cards. The worst was pocket aces that made trips on the flop. I bet them even then, but a fellow drew out on me for a straight on the turn and I did not get the Full House on the river.

The second morning I was up over a hundred for a while just in the two- four game but lost a good bit of it back.
So I came home down $202 for the those two days and up just $65 for the week.

I learned that late night at TS is nothing like Vegas. Perhaps the place fills up on weekends, but it was dead on this Thursday. I ended up playing tight guys with 7 or less and watched the rake eat us all up.
I won't do that again.
If I go over night, it will be a weekend and if I can't play a full table, I'll cash out and go to Rome for a few drinks.

Turning Stone also serves no alcohol, but I bring the playing card themed flask nephew Chris game me for my birthday with Myers rum in it and mix it with the free cokes they serve. I brought most of the rum home this trip. Just felt more like coffee.

I met one guy from Philly who was up turkey hunting and told me about an arrow that neatly slices the heads off turkeys, but only bounces off of them if it hits their bodies. Very sporting. The archer must have Robin hood accuracy and there are no wounded birds getting lost in the brush.

Now if I could get on for my fishing pole I'd catch fish and have some of the job of the cleaning done too.

Next week I think Bill and I are going to Foxwoods for a day of poker. I have done so well there. I hope that success is repeated.

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