Thursday, May 15, 2008

Greg's Guys and their Game

It was my first day out of the house in many days. I was tired. But I think I played well enough.
Peter, Jen and I went to the Dragon Buffet for lunch.
She and the baby seem well. She started maternity clothers.
Then Peter and I joined Phil, Bruce, Bill and Greg for a few hours of exciting poker.
I caught so many second best hands that it was not funny.
I got annoyed.
But once I had bought in $10 at a time for a record $110, my luck turned and I made some back.
My 4-5 suited yielded 4 fives with Bruce going all in on his river full house.
Other hands held up better. I ended up $64 behind.

Greg on two buy ins at one point had three racks of chips. He is hard to beat.

Peter's game was all over the charts. He is getting pretty aggressive. We now have two Gregs at the table. He won a good bit, lost it all back, and then recouped his losses.

It was a good day, but it did tire me out. I was in bed by 8 and slept until 8. Never had anything quite like this.
Bill and I are off to Foxwoods next week Tuesday on Yankee Trails. Bruce is off the Turning Stone. Greg and Ann head to Foxwoods on Wednesday. There will be some gambling stories to tell at our next game.

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