Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Savage ravaging

Another teeth clenching defeat at the hands of Greg, poker master. I lost $60 after being down, then up, and then finally destroyed. Greg just seems unbeatable. Bill did well also. Bruce and Peter lost. It has been a hard week for Dewey and poker.

Early in the game, it was not Greg who took me down but Bruce with hand after hand just a little bit better than mine. I built my $60 buy in back to over $100 when Greg got his fingers in my eyes and blinded me until it all was gone.

Were there memorable hands?

Well, Bill was banker this week and sat in Greg's usual spot. At first it looked like he had inherited the luck also. Twice on the river he pulled a queen to come from far behind on large all- in pots. Greg was the loser in these contests, tasting the bitterness of his own river catches. The hardest was when Bill's river queen made a gut shot straight and destroyed what had been good cards for Greg.

I'll wait to see if Greg has other memories. I remember one in which his 4-5 offsuit flopped a full house, but I'd rather forget that hand and most of the rest of them too.

Isn't it time for my social security check to arrive soon?

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