Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Turning Stone and Foxwoods again

Chunkmonk Charlie and I went up to Turning Stone and Foxwoods this weekend. I drove to Turning Stone. We took the Yankee Trails to Foxwoods. I won $23 at TS and then lost $60 so it has not been a good run of poker for me.

Foxwoods was very dysfunctional. Due to some tournament (and probably recent layoffs) many of the dealers had not dealt poker in years and made mistake after mistake. It was very sad. They were worse than the new dealers at Mohegan Sun.
I played a tough 4-8 table in the morning and lost $166. After buffet lunch I went down to 2-4 but it was a tough table too and I lost another $50. So I changed to a new 4-8 table. There I could do well.

Most interesting hands:

I flopped trip jacks with a pocket pair. I lost on the river to a straight.
Ten minutes later I flopped trip sevens and the same thing happened. This time two people playing 9-6 offsuit split the pot.

On a raised big blind with everyone in I added my $2, holding a stupid 3-7. Trip sevens came on the flop. The river brought my 3.
The very next hand I tossed away a small blind holding 5-6. Trip fives came on the flop and a six on the turn.

My second last hand, with just enough time to catch my bus, I help 5-6 of spaces and 7-8 came on the flop. On the river I missed the straight flush, but a 4 came and game me the hand. Another fellow said that had the nine of spades come, we would have had a bad beat. At Foxwoods that is not tens of thousands, but it would have meant a few hundred. But it also might have meant that I failed to catch my bus.

Turning Stone on Saturday would have been the place to play late into the night. I was sorry that was not an option. It was packed due to some big drawing and a poker tournament.

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Mark Fortune said...

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Please email if you can on PokerADZ. I have the link details for you.