Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Slaughter in Schenectady

Well, Greg just must have Xray vision as he fleeced us all. He must have made a record amount of cash this week. My loses were $130 and there is no reason to think he did not take every cent.

Well, good game Greg.

I'll be back to get you next week.

I can't remember any of the hands, so I guess the other fellas were have to post details. I know generally I was not beat on the river, just beat. One river gut shot I drew against Bill raised the hackles on his old Delmar head, but for the rest of the afternoon I was just getting snookered and it was not from drawing for the gut shots either. The couple times I had good cards that would have won, most folded and it wasn't because I bet too much. They just did not have anything.
I took Greg down on only one decent hand when My A-9 two pair beat his smaller two pair.

We played until 3:30 and then folks cashed in, rebought and played again. I lost $80 in the first session and $50 in the second.


Greg reports the game after I left:

Nothing like good cards AND luck! You remember in the first couple of hands yesterday when Peter caught the 7 on the river and bested me -- that was lucky because all I had was $10. From there it was all uphill. With good cards coming it makes a bluffer like me even stronger.
Now, why I write: second to the last hand yesterday -- only me and Bill left -- he pushed a big bet in at the turn, I fold my pair of sevens and he shows that he's on an Ace "nut" flush only needing another heart on the river, which he missed. Next hand, me and Bill left, a lot of money in the pot, after the turn (the 8) he pushes in a very big bet -- the board shows 6, 8,9,10. One reason there's a lot of money in the pot is that I'm holding a 9,10. I think about it quite a while and finally decide, "it won't really hurt to make Bill's day" so I call. A 10 comes on the river! I push the rest of my money in saying, "I gotcha!" (Bill did have the 7!). Game ended!!!
Have a good (and lucky) day, Gregg


Chuck_Monk said...

Hi Dewey, Greg is on a tear! Did he make it to quad decker trays in front of him or still working on three. I checked my cheat sheet two pair draw is same drawing odds as gutshot straight. 10.5 to 1 so if 10.5 times in the pot your good to go or something like that(pot odds?). Tough call though possibility of higher straight out there could have come into play. I am going to try tomake a game this mo. charley

Dewey said...

You do my heart good, Chuckmonk, to leave a comment here. You are certainly my only reader. Thanks.

I do hope to see you this month.