Monday, October 1, 2012

Foxwoods day trip

I took the day bus to Foxwoods.  $15 got me the ride, a buffet, and $10 freeplay.  Foxwoods gave me 10 points just for showing up.  That is $10 toward a future trip or toward meals if I ever go for overnights.   I had a fine day although I did have to encounter two of my least favorite opponents, both grumps and annoyingly sure that their opinion is the only opinion that matters.

One is a woman who declared that Florida was boring and she preferred Europe, especially Italy.  Few details and no stories.  I talked about how we rent and what we get, but she was only listening to herself.
The other is worse.  This pock faced guy just whines and moans all the time.  Nothing is ever worth celebrating.  He drives me nuts.  Then he is overly critical of every rule he can find.  This time he was on me for not being able to see my cards.  Then when he has a turn of luck that makes his cards ready for a fold, he always needs to look and look and talk to himself and give a whole lecture as if the game is only about his cards.  He holds up the action when he knows he is going to fold.

Otherwise I met some friendly and sometimes funny people.  One fellow named Bill remembered me from another day.  Another fellow missing all his front teeth was a good no limit player but did not do well here.  Another fellow named Bill had been one of the guys who taught the dealers how to deal before he retired.  He was a good player and easy at the table.  We only knew his past from what another player said and he never imposed his view.  And a third fellow named Bill was about 100 years old and acted it.  I had to look away not to see his cards.  He took a long while to evaluate his plays and he was often in hands he should have folded.  One young woman was a good bit of fun.  She was joking and very friendly and fun.  She reminded me more of Vegas.

I had good cards and I won money in the morning, but I lost it back on rivers in the afternnoon.  Once I had the flush and raised with it, but the guy with the bare Ace still called and caught.
I had pocket Aces twice and kings once. 
Playing 9-10 I flopped the full house, slow played it until the turn, and then caught most of the other players with even river calls.  It was my best pot.
I lost with trip 2's, folding them on the river to two opponents, one who had the flush and the other who had trip 2's with a higher kicker.
I felt on top of my game, and I felt that I left the table at the right times and switches tables at good times as well.
But in the end I lost $31 at poker.
I won $6 on freeplay in a quarter slot.
I won $5 playing my pattern on the single zero roulette machine.  If I had not taken profits to play the 17 each time I was ahead, I would have won over $10.
I found a 9/7 Double Bonus but it was in dollars.  It was in the last few minutes of my stay, so I decided to try a $20 bill and bet four hands.
On the third hand the machine dealt me a straight, so I cashed out $15 ahead.
Total losses for the day at Foxwoods were $5.
However, once again they gave me $10 in points just for showing up.
So, the day was one of profit with all things considered. And it is a great savings not to drive.  It costs me $60 in gas to drive and I don't get a free buffet or freeplay.  I do get to stay longer.
The price is still down to $15 for October.  I paid cash for this trip, but I'll just use up my $20 voucher for the next and lose the $5 as it is getting close to the time to go to Florida and over the winter I might easily lose my points.

I have found a place to stay, so I may make a few days of it and just walk to the casino from the hotel, about half a mile.
Weekday prices are $79 and I could walk there and back from Foxwoods or pay $6 by cab for a late night ride home.  She said if I stayed 3 nights, she could make a deal.  I thought I'd offer to skip breakfast, skip housekeeping and see what she might suggest.  It was a small breakfast anyway and would not give me much more than a piece of fruit.

One troublesome rumor is that Mohegan Sun is closing its poker room, probably within the month.  Folks at Foxwoods say it is unreliable anyway.  So, I guess that won't be an option for me.  I would not like getting stuck with games folding up at odd hours.  I have enough of that at Foxwoods.

Next week I head out to Atlantic City for four nights at Harrah's.   I hope the weather stays good.

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