Saturday, October 27, 2012

Turning Stone/next year Kingston

Ron drove and we went up for the day together.  Actually, we did not get much more time than we would have on the bus, but Ron likes his car better and perhaps we had the privacy of talking without company.

The trip went fast.

Once again I tried coffee.  Three cups and it wired me for the whole day,  but the caffeine leaves me anxious and too wired.

I lost $80 after being ahead for a while.  I played just a small amount of no limit while waiting for a 2/4 table.  I still am uncomfortable even at a table with no real aggressive players as there is too much to watch and consider.  I lost a few dollars when I moved.
The morning is just too tight.  The 2/4 table was almost all regulars. 
But folks were friendly for the most part.

Ron did not like the 2/4 but did like playing the no limit and found a good table near the end of the afternoon,  but he did not win for the day either.

The buffet was just great!  I was off my diet a bit, but I had nice scrod, a seafood and tofu medley, utica greens, squash soup, and I tried a small desert of cranberries and corn meal in a sweet mix that was an old Indian recipe.  Off the diet but a good small taste of a new food.

On Fridays they have a live band with dancing in the buffet area and a cost of just $10.  I had $6 in points so it was a cheap meal and the only one we bought as we left about 6 PM and I was home by 8:30.

No big hands.  No Aces, kings, queens.  One pair of jacks that won.
In no limit I misplayed a hand. 
I had a blind hand of J-6 and it flopped J-6 so I bet $6.  That was fine.  Two callers.  The turn was a 6 and I bet $6 and everyone folded.  I forgot how strong the threat of trips was.  I should have waited for the river, especially since there were two hearts on the flop and none on the turn.  Another heart might have given a flush some spunk and made a decent pot.

I was happy with my play and I was happy with opponents most of the day and especially in the afternoon.  I put my name up for a 3-6 but none opened.  Later on Friday night there is sometimes a 3-6 game. 

I also heard about a Canadian game to try up in Kingston, Ontario.  It is a 2-5 limit.  Nice way to overcome the rake.

OLG Casino Thousand Islands380 Highway 2
Gananoque, Ontario K7G 2V4
(613) 382-6800 or 1-866-266-8422

This would make a great trip.  Just about 5 hours from home with Turning Stone just half way, so a camping overnight there and then some cheap rooms in Kingston would do the trick.  And it it turned out to be a bust (it is a small place) I could always come back to Turning Stone. 
It might be a nice place to camp up there as well with the Thousand Islands not far. 

Off season, the Peachtree Inn looks like a great buy even on weekends.

Lake Ontario is not far.  I imagine quite a few good fish in the restaurants.  Maybe walleye.
Blues is there
and a writers conference

It looks like a fine area for off season prices.  However, in season it gets very pricey.


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