Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Foxwoods Last One this year

Hard poker hands at Foxwoods.  I think I won only two pots before I went to eat at 1PM and had a losing session after eating. I ended down $122 for the day My best hand was four Aces and I got paid on the river.  There was a very loose player who could not seem to fold hands that he knew were losers. 
Most of the players were good,  but I would have done fine had I got any decent hands.  I folded a pair of nines before the river and a winning nine came.  That was frustrating.
One hand I caught trip deuces on the flop.  My opponent caught trip kings on the turn.  He had raised on the turn and I had reraised feeling very confident.  For some reason he could not figure that he had the nuts, so he did not raise my be on the river.  It was a surprise to see such a strong hand.  Even the dealer was surprised.  His kings were the nuts.

The players were friendly enough, but not very interesting.  A few joked a bit.

I had a fine enough time.
The buffet was as good as ever.  I ate a couple helpings of mussels, a good spinach salad, some wonderful green cooked at the Chinese section, a sweet potato and a nice piece of corn bread.  I had a very few deep fried clams.  I skipped the sugar free pie.

I played roulette again and had a fun time.  I lost $20, but really had a huge losing session.  I put in $20 and did not notice that my bets were $10 each instead of a dollar.  I hit a black number in the third column and so won both my bets and had $50 after that first hand.  Then it went downhill with plenty of single zeros showing up.  On my free play I played a fifty cent two coin slot and won $5 on the first $10 and then $5 on the second $5.  So all my play outside of poker cost me $10.
They had the ten drawings for $100 and I was there for them, taking a break from the poker table.  No luck.
The old folks gift was a cheap little bag that is worn about the hip.  I was disappointed in that, but the two free coffees woke me up and I did not get tired until the end of the day. 

The bus was almost completely full, but I found a seat next to a very friendly woman and we talked Vegas all the way down.  On the way back I watched a movie I had seen before about a tour guide in Greece who finds happiness and love. It was funny and passed the time.  Then I napped.
On the bus I met Brenda Temple's nephew and also the first wife of Ward DeWitt, Marion.  It was fine to see her again.  She told me Linda Jackson had retired.
I had dreaded the bus ride as the $11 price meant every seat was taken, but it ended up one of the easier rides.  You never know.

This one cost me.  The cash price was $11 but I needed to use up the last free voucher which cost me $20 in points.  I have more than $40 in comps, but Foxwoods won't clear them out in January when they do the clearing for the year.  At lest that is what the host told me when I asked.  They should still be there when I go back next year.  I hope that is right.  I would otherwise have used them for lunch and used my buffet ticket as a matchplay.  I may do that anyway on the next trip, but I might also do an overnight with my points giving me plenty of free eats.

I'll miss the poker in Florida.  It is not as good there.  I won't try to play as much as I do here.

No more news on Mohegan Sun poker room closing, so that may have been a rumor.

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