Sunday, January 17, 2016

Ocala once again

I went up to the poker room at the Jai Alai again today, but I can see this is not the day I want to go.  All have said that Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are the well attended days.
I had to play 1-2 NL and even that was a wait.  When I arrived there was only 2-5, way out of my bankroll.

However, the game was fine until it wasn't, and then I left.
I was up and down, mostly up, and in the end I quit $159 ahead.

And the players were nice enough.  However, it was all poker.  There were no good stories, not jokes, nothing that left the details of the game itself.  After a while, it is just boring.

A guy started the 5 person game with us who had never played before.  He came to play the 3 card poker table game, and when it was not yet being spread, he tried our game.  He was not a good player, but he was lucky.  He bet almost every hand, so it was a rather expensive game to play.  I did not beat him once, but I did not lose much to him either.

Two good hands for me were my A-Q of spades that went into a runner runner flush that beat out a youngster's three 5's.  It was poorly played.  I was just lucky.  And in the end he overbet by going all in on just trips with a flush and a full house possible.

The other was my A-10 that saw three more Aces on the board by the river.  My opponent had a full house, and he went all-in, so I made a good bit on that hand.  Neither he nor I qualified for the high hand board.  He had to have won the hand.  I had to have had a larger kicker so both cards played.   
The promotion on Sunday looks good when they print that they give away a thousand dollars, but it is a disingenuous promotion advertisement.  It is a very complex deal and ultimately if you get $100, you are lucky.  One fellow did that when he caught a royal flush on the river.  But they used to give $500 for every royal.  No more.
They rake $2 for promotions, but the deals do not approach the kind of deals Laughlin offers, who also rakes the $2 just for promotions. Then the house rake here caps at $5 while in Laughlin it caps at $3. 
I'll probably start going as often as I can on Wednesdays because that seems the most lucrative.

I expected the Iron Skillet buffet to be the same as I had on Wednesday, but it featured roast turkey today, and it was a real roasted turkey.  I could crunch on a crispy wing.  Great lima beans.  I had quite a treat.  No conversation, however, that amounted to much. 

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