Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Well, I got beat today.  about 5 hours of poker cost me $84.
My worst hand was holding Q-4 of diamonds with A of diamonds Q of something and  -J of diamonds  on the flop and a 4 coming on the turn.
My opponent went all in with a straight.  I called with a nice flush draw and a nice full house draw.  Lots of outs.
Lots of outs.
In the end, nothing but the two pair.

I missed one high hand draw when I needed a Q or 7 of hearts for the straight flush.  I did win the pot, but not the high hand bonus.

Two players at our table were paid on high hands, one was quad queens and one was quad jacks.  One was Dale.  I played next to him for the first time this winter and we had some time to talk.  Funny guy.


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