Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Greg Turns 70

Greg's 70th birthday game was fun. Players included Bill, Peter, Bruce, and Phil, as well as the old, old birthday boy from China.

It was a fine game, but with little drama. Most of us held fairly close to buy ins. Peter took me out one time with Aces full of tens when I had sevens full of tens. But otherwise there were few tricks and few surprises.

I won $93. Greg came out ahead $45 and the rest of the players left their money.

Peter was ahead over a hundred dollars at one point, but it dwindled away and in the end he went all-in in one desparate attempt to build up his bankroll and lost it all. So he lost $10 for the five hours of play.

Good to be home and playing the regular game. It feels like I am in one of those odd couple games on television that Jack Klugman used to organize in his living room.

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