Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Huge Game at Greg's- 9-30

Nine players(Greg, Dewey, Chuckmonk, Silver, Slink, Wild Bill, Phil, Bruce and Peter) showed up to play Texas Holdem on a rare Tuesday game at Greg's. It must be a record. Five is usually a huge crowd.
Peter's two buy-ins went very quickly, but the rest of the crowd seemed to share pots back and forth. Slink managed to be the biggest winner when the game broke with Greg coming in a good second.
I was down $40, but Greg and I played a little heads up and I recouped $30 of my losses with a diamond flush on the river just as I did last week. So I am down $10 for the day. Charlie has not played with us much, but sure showed some good strategies and although he lost, I thought he played very well.
Phil made money I think. This was nice because this was his birthday game. I got him a card and put in some lotto scratchoffs and he won $8 there. Happy Birthday Phil!
We ate pizza from the local Inferno. It was cheap and very good. I brought chili I made from venison and beef. I used the slow cooker, so it stayed hot all afternoon. Mixed with some elbow macaroni it was very good if I do say so myself and the leftovers gave Greg and Ann a supper.
There were no really dramatic hands that I remember. My losses were due for the most part to no decent cards. I never had A-K and never had a pocket pair over eights except for once when my pocket queens were beaten by Slink's straights. Actually, my most productive hand was a 3-9 offsuit played out of desperation. It flopped two pair and beat Slink because he could not imagine that I would play such junk cards and took be for beating hard because I was on a draw.
A yellow jacket buzzed the table and Bill grabbed him, thinking it was a fly. That was poor judgement as the yellow jacket resented being taken for a fly and let Bill know it quickly with a sting on his hand. So Bill released him, frantically.
Well, a bit later someone noticed him in the curtains of the window and I determined to slap him dead as I did not want to be distracted from my gaming thoughts by an angry yellow jacket behind me.
My first clap of my hands merely stunned him, but my second clap dropped him dead in his tracks. Unfortunately, I had to raise my hands up high to get him, and when I did the second clap, my pants slipped down halfway to my knees.
Well, you never saw a table full of poker players carry on so much at that sight. It apparently was the funniest thing they had ever seen. I am happy none had a video camera. I expect it will be a while until I live that down.
It was a fine game with lots of banter and playfulness and no one too upset with losses. Bill and Silver did most of the dealing, and that is always such a treat.
I got to sit next to Chuckmonk and I enjoyed talking with him a bit between action.
I am tired tonight but wired from the game and too much coffee.

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