Monday, September 15, 2008

Turning Stone

Well, I got a chance to play my favorite 3-6 game with no kill at Turning Stone yesterday. They had eliminated this game and gone just to 5-10 but I guess folks wanted it back. It felt fine to be playing a game I know so much better than no limit, a relaxed game and sipping some Myer's rum.

Many of the players were very good. One old fellow trapped me good with his full house. But many were just a bit too loose and over bet. I had pocket tens when the flop gave me a set. The turn gave my opponent a set of deuces and me a full house. On the river a queen gave him a smaller full house. I raised him on the river and he reraised me and I reraised him and he reraised me once again. And I gave it up and just called thinking he must have four deuces. Too bad. He would have gone the distance. He knew I did not have four deuces because he had one and odds were I did not have both queens, but he might have seen the tens coming.

I beat this fellow quite a few times and he went on just a mild tilt. We had a banter on my winning with various sorts of jacks. I would warn him I had them. The first time I warned him I actually had a set of 5's, but the second time I had pocket jacks. I won both hands.

Toward the end of the play a delightfully loose aggressive player joined the table trying to steal every pot with a raise. For some reason he had at least $500 in chips with him. I think that is where I finally won my profit.

I chased a few hands I should have let slide. Had I done that I'd be ahead more. I think that the advice in the Tao of Poker about not getting loser when ahead in chips is something I need to think about and may be why I stayed just about even. However, I did have a fine win playing 6-8 when two pair flopped and they held up.

I still would like to play later into the night as I better like the players who come after supper on Sunday. Also, too many players joined us while waiting for no limit games. We would just get to know their style and they would be gone. I see that as a disadvantage; however, it may have helped that they did not know my style and called more of my bets.

Here is the story of out dangerous journey to Turning Stone

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