Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Greg's Game

At Greg's I took all the money. Ended ahead $174. Rarely does Greg not win money, but I beat him. His final buy in he played well and ground the $10 in to almost $50, but a 3-6 that caught a straight on the turn beat his all in on trip fives and cleared off the table.

Bruce beat me a number of times with fine full houses. He left early about even.

I destroyed Peter's huge lead by calling his all in and catching a diamond on the river for the nut flush. He had a straight and a smaller flush but my A-10 topped it.

Bill came late and left early and said he just wasn't having any fun. I caught a river ace right after he arrived and took a pot from him to build up some money after buying in for $90 and losing repeatedly. It was really lucky to come back from that hole I dug for myself.

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