Monday, June 7, 2010

Burden Lake poker with Gregg.

Gregg came down with a Poker Jones on Sunday and at the last minute called me begging for a head to head game and even drove all the way to Burden Lake in order to play me head to head. 
Neighbor Ron wandered over and got into the game, but after ups and downs he got beat.
So did I at the beginning.  I was down $60 before my butt hit the chair.

But I clawed my way up and took all of Ron's money and Gregg's too.
Then Ron went home.
And Gregg wanted fifteen minutes of head to head.
And you know what happened.

All -in preflop I held  A-10 and Gregg held A-J.  An Ace came.  So he retrieved his own buy ins and $8 of Ron't money and I quit while he laughed all the way to the driveway.

It was a good time of poker, however, and I liked not having to drive and being able to cook with no effort or planning because I was in my own house and knew where everything was kept and could whip up enough to feed us in an hour.  I took our some live fish from the live well under the dock, cleaned them, and cooked up some fresh whole fish to teach Gregg how to take the flesh off the bones of cooked fish.  He liked the results. 
However, I think Gregg's favorite Burden Lake fish is me.

Chica liked it that I had cleaned fish just before she came.  It took her about two minutes to find the guts and roll in them.  For the rest of night she spiced up the night air with some new smells very different from her usual methane contributions at Gregg's house. 
We locked her on the deck for a while, but she is just so sad if she can't sleep by her buddy and he is sad as well.

I also made pork and peppers and some of that $8 wild rice that everyone seems to like.  We had enough to eat and some whiskey to drink as well although I finished one of Charlie's home made beers with my fish fry.

Well, sorry if any of you felt left out, but this was really spur of the moment. 

I expect few of you readers would want to drive all the way to Burden Lake, except Jerry of course, who always showed up in the past for the old Burden Lake games, once coming a full day early and losing to me in head to head Omaha before heading home to return the next day when I suspect he won it all back.

Think about hosting  an Omaha poker night, Slink.  That would be fun.  You would have the advantage having practiced.
I'd come.  Perhaps some others would come looking for a bit of variety.

Elizabeth comes home from Greece on Tuesday, so I don't know if I will make Gregg's on Wednesday.  We'll see.

Good luck to all of you.
Except Gregg.


Anonymous said...

Nice. Is that fish and chips day? I didnt writ e up FW trip. Did little roulette and VP. $5 tables all the time. Down $33 for overnight trip. Spent time fishing off Norwich town park and the dam upriver. Got to park 5:30am one person fishing two poles one with cut bunker. Tried some surface popper and then metal but nothing, so went to find way to Greenville dam. Found road off rt 2 and its a mile or two along river. Hiking in 1/4 mile cast a while with nothing. Sign on fish ladder across Setuket river read 1954 shad passed this year. When i got back to park after getting coffee and finding free ATm at Walgreens the fisher had two 34-38" keepers on the dock. Few others showed up, I ended up watching a schoolie swimming off with my storm shad when it hit right in front of me and the knot on my line failed. That was the third time the line gave that i just got from Conroy's bait. so i broke down and stopped at the Fish Connection in Montville and had some braided line put on. Later around 2pm on way home stopped with Kathy at the park. right away the guy next to me cast out a squid and had a 35-38 incher in less than 5 mins. No luck for me Nothing hit my offering of storm shad, hopkins etc. Its a nice spot there big parking lot, dock two rivers emptying into bay, I saw bait shop a couple blocks away, there suppose to be school size fish year round with larger spawners in spring and maybe fall. They use chunk bait or live with no weight just cast it out. I had to toss two beer batches one I left in car on the 80+ day and one club batch went bad I think it is high temps we had. Glad to see this rain we had. I played a couple times on Pstars since the last sun game. Turned $6 into $18 in .02-.05NL when pot reached $33 and my pocket nines flopped a nine,ace, four and hit the FH with another 4 against opponents A9 and A4. Next outing was call down day won 1 of 9 shodowns and so down $9. Se you some game Ct

Dewey said...

Thanks chuckmonk. Sounds like you had some fishing adventure even if you had no fish.
No chips with the bluegills on Sunday.
$33 is not much, only part of one pot, so you did well at the poker. I wish I was doing that well. I dropped over $300 at Turning Stone. My local winnings since that trip[ have made back some of that.
I almost went to Foxwoods on Sunday. Glad I stayed home.
Elizabeth comes in from Europe tomorrow night so it is a while before I can plan breakfast, but I am out of beer so time to trade beer for bacon.
See you soon I hope.