Friday, June 18, 2010

Newsletter to Poker group

Hello poker fans,
I thought I'd post a bit of a newsletter.  
We are having some games at Orford, unfortunately not announced with much lead time.  They are fun.  Sometimes Peter calls them and sometimes I do.  If you are not getting an invitation, drop me a note and I'll add you to the list of invites.
And to answer a question posed this week again, Orford  games are not all-guys games, but mix the genders whenever there are women interested enough to join us and not intimidated by being outnumbered.

I went up to Foxwoods yesterday by bus.  The details are in the following post.
Wild Bill says he wants to go sometime on the Foxwoods bus and I do have another free voucher for me to use so I'll be ready.    Wild Bill is in Vegas as I write taking all the money from the Downtown poker tables after bankrupting SouthPoint.  I think that is why the Gaughn family is in financial distress this week and unable to pay their loans.  Wild Bill struck again.

If you are interested in heading to Foxwoods on the Yankee Trails, let me know and I'll make sure that you know when we decide to go.  $25 booked ahead on line gets you $15 in free play, a $17 buffet and the ride up and back.


John Blowers suggests you put this event on your calendar.  


I am booked for my next Vegas trip.  November 1-16.  Southwest will book now thru January instead of just at their prior pattern of three month advance bookings.  I booked using my free Rapid Rewards credits and the availability of seats was all over the month. Also the one way price was $144 which in today's market is a good deal.  Going nonstop on RR credits was a bit tighter, but I managed it.  I am delighted to have a time frame now in which to plan.

If anyone wants to meet me in Vegas, that would be fun.  Elizabeth does not go with me.  I don't think of myself as a good gambling companion anymore because I don't share my room, and I spend way too much time at some poker tables, but generally I meet up with folks in Vegas for a meal on a coupon or some other fun experience.  Often I meet people from the Vegas discussion boards.


Missing from Vegas will be my favorite fountain, the Paris fountain where godlike figures hold fish aloft.
Plenty of photos of the fountain here:

I guess I can still see the collage of canoes at City Center,

but the cement fish are gone. 
I'll have to go to Utica for a sculptural experience similar to that one. 


idiophone - an instrument producing sound primarily through vibration.  
The poker application has to do with our Rebel pal Jerry and his constant click clacking of chips while he took inordinate amounts of time to make a betting decision.
He recently complimented me at coming to the conclusion that I needed to slow down the action a bit to consider; however, I don't intend to give folks time to go for a sandwich in between plays.  We might be talking about very different lengths of time.
Incidently, my calling unclearly for time at Foxwoods cost me at least $4.

Okay, hope you are all winning and happy, whatever your game.

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