Saturday, June 19, 2010

Here is a bit of poker from Wild Bill in Vegas

I decided to stay at Imperial Palace for my last 3 days in Vegas.  I called them to ask what they could do for me.  I told them I stayed here last year for a week while here for a bowling tournament.  The lady came back and told me I could have Thurs. free, $70  for Fri. and $60 for Sat.   I thought that was great.  I didn't check in until 7:30 and decided to watch the basketball game.  When it was over I closed my eyes for a second, and didn't wake up until 1:30.  So I decided to go play hold em and maybe catch a few drunk players.  I had such bad luck, it got to be funny.  One of the better players looked over at me after my third bad beat and just  shrugged his shoulders.  the first one I had pocket kings and the flop come J-7-3.  someone earlier than me had raised pre flop, so I decided to slow play and just call.  When someone bet on the flop, I raised and 3 players called.  The turn and river were uneventful and I kept raising the whole way.  The river was a 5.  there has to be $80 in the pot and I show my pocket kings.  One of the drunk, bad playing kids, turns over J-5 for two pair.
I won't tell you all the horror stories, but this one ranks up there with the all time.  I had Q-10 suited.  Flop comes Q-5-6 with the 5&6 being in my suit.  So I am raising and there are 4 players including the guy next to me who was hammered.  His wife wanted him to go, so he kept raising and with me re raising the pot quickly went over $100.  Of I forgot the best detail Dewey, he never looked at his cards.  You can guess what happened, i never caught my flush, but still held that I would win as my Q's were top pair.  So what does the drunk guy turn over? first a 5, which game him a pair, then a Q.  Just with those two hands I could have been up $180.  Another hand, the one before my pocket kings, the guy next to me won a $100 pot when he caught trip K's.  I folded and the K he caught on the river would have given me the nut straight.
I don't think I will play here anymore though, too  big a rake.  I'm going over to O'sheas to play this afternoon.  Take care and talk toyou when I get home.  bill

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