Monday, June 14, 2010

Peter's Orford Game

For a last minute game called by Peter at Orford we sure got a good group of player's.  I suppose the rain helped.  

Neighbor Ron
Scott R
Peter's pal Scott

For me the day was a breakthrough.  Whether it was just luck or luck and some skill or luck and some skill and some more muca juca, I won $132, which is a record for me.
My wins were a mix of bluffs, good cards.  My losses seemed to be minimized at the right times.
I did harass the Pokermaster and I was relentless.  I have not shame about it either.  I'd do it again.  
Brawk, brawk, brawk, brawk, brwk, brwk.
Brawk, brawk, brawk, brawk, brwk, brwk.
Brawk, brawk, brawk, brawk, brwk, brwk.
Brawk, brawk, brawk, brawk, brwk, brwk.

Bruce lost.
Scott R lost after ups and downs, including a win with his famous 7-2.

I think for the first time in many games I felt rested and that is the key.  Also, I need to slow my action down.  
The one hand I misplayed was when I jumped on Gregg's preflop verbal  "seven" with a fold when he was not betting at all but reciting cards to himself. I folded what would have been a huge winner.

My best hand was a slow played pocket kings.  A king on the flop.  I let Gregg bet into me.  On the 6 of diamond river he caught his Ace high diamond flush, but I caught a second 6 for the nut full house.  
Only a pair of 6's would beat me.  
I bet a tiny bit, Gregg came over me with twenty, and after a good bit of time and muca juca I came back over with the rest of my chips, 41 more, and shocked the old Pokermaster.

Peter's worst hand was when he caught a heart for the Ace high flush, but it was the same heart that Scott R needed for the straight flush.  Elation and then depression.  
Ahh,  poker.

Bruce broke his bankroll and his fine and fancy folding chair.  Luckily when the seat gave out, only his pride in the chair was injured.

Ron played a fine tight game and came out well ahead.  Over $50 profit as I remember.

We did loosen the rules and allow $20 rebuys.  
i agreed, but I found this rather oppressive when I staked Peter and then his buddy Scott.

I guess I have settled on beans and rice as a regular poker food.  That simple meal seemed to be popular in spite of the fact that I had to use the cheap rice cooker and not my nice one, so the rice was a bit matted on the bottom.

It was comfortable without air conditioning, a perfect day really to play.  We quit a bit after midnight when Ron's leaving broke the game.

Charlie missed having a cigar on the deck with Scott R who also does that ritual.  SCott got a kick out of my 40 year old funky ashtrays.

If any of you are on this list, but not getting notice when Peter calls a game, let me know, and I'll have him add you to his list as well.
I was hesitant at sending invitation this time because I was unsure myself until the last minute if I could attend.  Glad I did.
Now if I can just duplicate that level of play at the casino.
Also, if you would like to get removed from any of our lists, that is easy enough.  Just let us know.  

I have a free bus ticket to Foxwoods that I hope to use this week or the next.  it depends on Elizabeth's schedule.  Once it is booked I'll let you know.

See many of you on Wednesday.

PS Atlantic City Trump bad beat got to over $600,000 when an 84 year old guy has his four sevens beat.  Imagine losing and then getting a $300,000 consolation.

Silver responds:

I am happy to hear that you are finally learning that being well rested and slowing down the action actually helps your game.  Maybe now you will make the connection between my alleged slow play and my consistently winning.  It's also nice to hear that you have picked up some useful trick from Mr. Blowers.
Congratulation again.

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